Evaluation Of Six Sigma Improvement Process Essay

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This phase of six sigma improvement process essentially answers one critical question; “What problem would you like to fix?” In this case the primary business objective is to predict the stresses and warp of the specimen with varying factor levels. Also the primary objective is to make use of computer simulations to predict the stress as this would lower the cost of actual production cost. The team uses design and analysis of computer experiments (DACE) to predict the stress caused by the laser welding process.
The Define phase well-articulated in Identifying the business objectives. In this phase, the team had clearly listed down all the problems. The team had identified that their failure to understand the voice of customer is a major issue.
Suggestions/Critique: -
• The Define phase failed to give details on the magnitude or the impact of the problem statement. It should focus on the Critical-to-Quality [CTQ] expectations.
• They failed to identify the Target Customers & there are no Benchmarks used to compare their target goals & measures. The team can use SIPOC Table [Suppliers, Input, Process, Output, and Customer].
• Though this phase had identified that there is some disconnect between the project team and the champion it failed to list down the key stakeholders and their involvement in the project. This phase should clearly develop a high level project plan to show the highlighted completion date with the list of team members.
• The Define phase didn’t

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