Essay about Six Sigma and Total Quality Management

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Six Sigma and Total Quality Management Six Sigma and Total Quality Management are methods that help organizations improve product and service quality throughout their respective workplaces. Six Sigma and Total Quality Management each have their own venue that best suits their methods. When applied in the correct manner, both Six Sigma and total quality management provide a thorough check of the organizations quality assurance. Six Sigma allows the user to complete a thorough measurement of defects, thus making the manufacturing the best environment for this tool. Total Quality Management is better suited in the service operations; it focuses on continuous improvement by the organizations management and employees. Total Quality…show more content…
Not only does this delegation of authority provide employee involvement, but it also increases lines of communication which is important in achieving total quality. Total Quality Management methods are ideal for businesses in the service industry. The processes of these businesses are focused on achieving customer satisfaction. By adopting critical quality practices and an outstanding quality-management system, a business in the service industry will increase customer loyalty and show their determination to achieve excellence (Yang, 2006). Six Sigma Six Sigma requires more in-depth training than Total Quality Management. Six Sigma is a method that can be very useful to large companies and many times help reduce waste in the businesses everyday practices. In the mid to late 1980’s Motorola was struggling to keep up with its competitors. The company had to do something to get back on its feet, so it created a new quality process – Six Sigma. This new process ended up saving Motorola approximately $17b from 1986-2008. The name Six Sigma is a registered trademark of the Motorola Company. Every time a Six Sigma training program is sold or conducted, Motorola receives a profit. The fundamental essence of Six Sigma is the progressive reduction in defects to a level that is better than your competitors in the marketplace or towards 3.4 defects per million opportunities (Grant, 2008). Being able to
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