Skate Park Persuasive Essay

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I believe that the school can be improved by making a skate park. I say this because a lots of people will pay to get in a skate park. And it will keep a lot of kids of the streets. As long as you don’t make them pay too much then you will make a killing. And with a skate park and good skaters, you can make a skate team. If the team wins a competition, the team may win lots of money. So you won’t be losing any money. When you do auditions for the team, people will cram into the school. The people you need are people that aren’t scared of trying something new. If you make a skate park, less kids will be in trouble in school. There are lots of good skaters that can be on your team, and I know a lot of them.
To make more money, put a food court
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