Skills And Skills Of The Career Success

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Skills USA. An organization that has given the opportunity to lead and hone the skills of both High School and College students. It has grown into a society that many people strive to be in to gain career and technical skills. It has a reputation for allowing students to learn the abilities necessary to be successful in adulthood.

I am here today carrying out the task to talk about this year’s theme, “Connecting You to Career Success,” as way to help me develop my public speaking skills. As a member of SkillsUSA, I want to be successful in the career of my dreams. This is a thought that is shared by many others, and is one of the driving forces as to why we have joined this organization. Permit me to share a story. Recently, I have learned about the accomplishments of a fellow SkillsUSA member of Hawaii. That person is a high school senior named Jordan Abanto. I read Abanto’s story in the SkillsUSA Champions Magazine for Fall 2015. As an individual, he had developed his public speaking skills through the Job Skill Demonstration Open competition for the past three years. He had also competed in the State Pin Design competition for SkillsUSA and displayed his graphic designing skill through what he had created. Obviously, the teachings that he learned in this society had benefited him.

When Abanto reflected on his experience being in SkillsUSA, he stated, “SkillsUSA has helped me gain the skills I’ll use after my high school career.” He also stated that “SkillsUSA has

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