Whole Life Project Part 2 Analysis

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I am writing this for Engineering 1201 Practices and Principles’ Whole Life Concept Project Part 2. I have researched technical and non-technical skills that will allow me to reach my goals in the future. South African activist, Nelson Mandela, said “It always seems impossible until it’s done”, but how does someone get it done? I believe the answer to this question lies in the application of the abilities we learn throughout our lives. It is important to recognize skills as those that are more helpful to reach one’s goals and where to learn them. My individual passion is to make a difference in the lives of low-income communities around the world by building sustainable infrastructure. This will allow there to be more funds focused on improving the quality of life. One of my goals includes forming a nonprofit contracting company that will aid in the construction buildings and bridges. In order to make a successful company you need a wide variety of skill sets.

Communication is an ability that dates back to prehistoric times. I am dividing this in to two parts, written and oral. The skill of communicating effectively through means of writing is important because it allows a person to express their ideas thoughts in an effective manner. It is helpful for documenting which prevent others from benefiting from the idea and allows an easy way to recall what was expressed. This …show more content…

I will make sure to learn from my mistakes. I will use what I will learn to design and build something like schools to will make an impact in the world I live in. My major, civil engineering will prepare me to achieve my desired goals. Engineering in general is a field that is demanding. By pursuing civil engineering I will become very disciplined in areas like design and construction. Along the way I will learn the skills mentioned to help me reach my goals and allow me to improve the world I live in one structure at a

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