Skin Cancer Prevention Proposal Essay

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When looking at the population concerned with adolescent health, it includes people up to age 18. However, one of the programs goes from kindergarten to 18 and another evaluated both college and high school students. This age range encompasses young people who are at risk for unique health complications. Adolescent health shapes adult health, making it a top priority population. If good habits and smart behaviors are implemented in youth, they are often carried on through adulthood, establishing good practices for the future. Additionally, this is a crucial time for health education as this population is extremely moldable. The two prevention programs that I chose to analyze for this population are exercise education and abstinence education. One program assessed the physical activity in terms of adolescent health. They compared traditional and enhanced PE programs in schools. In the tested group, traditional, …show more content…

The interventions involved include the following: education, influential activities, and environmental policy adaptations. According to the task force, the evidence specifically regarding high school and college based interventions were inconclusive. There was insufficient evidence to conclude effectiveness for these populations. While skin cancer preventative methods are proven to be helpful in reducing risk of skin cancer, the specific target of this population cannot conclude effectiveness. The inability to draw a direct conclusion resulted from the systematic review assessing too wide a scope of interventions across the population. However, various commonalities are evident. For example, many of the studies looked at behavioral changes to reduce risk, such as additional clothing, hats, and use of sunblock. Cancer prevention initiatives work overall and cause no harm; the scope of the research makes concrete conclusions difficult to

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