Skin Color and Barrack Obama Essay

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Color derives from the Latin word colas, which means "a covering" (Lawrence 291). This makes sense because color is something that gives definition to something and gives it a wrapping. For example if someone is colorblind their world is covered by grey, which means technically they are seeing color but just not in the sense normally thought (Stein 291). When normal people see color, the world is seen as having a bright, vibrant, dark, dreary or a combination of coatings to create a stunning effect (Jewell 167). Color is truly a marvelous word, that means much more than simply red or blue. Color is truly a word with infinite meaning. To understand Color further it is necessary to travel even farther back in time to find out that colas…show more content…
Even his life and the way he came to the top is a prime example of color. Obama comes from humble roots and has worked himself to he top with dedication and hard work. Barrack represents every minority in America who thinks they aren’t good enough and cannot achieve. Well, he is living proof they are wrong. In fact, even the way he was born shows color. Obama is considered of mixed heritage. His father, Barrack Sr, was from Kenya and through hard work was able to earn a scholarship to the University of Hawaii ("Barack Obama Featured Biography.") Obama's mother, Ann Durham, was originally from Kansas, where some of her ancestors had been anti-slavery activists in the 1800s (“Barrack Obama Biography”). Ann’s father also served in World War II and marched with Patton’s army across Europe. It is amazing how two completely different people with totally different cultures came together from across the world and connected. They had no discriminations against each other that right there shows how much color is in our world and what can happen. Unfortunately good things cannot last forever and a divorce was finalized when young Obama was 2 years old. The parents went their separate ways with his father dying in 1982 ("Barack Obama Featured Biography”). What makes it even more astonishing is that this man was able to overcome all his hardships and became our president. A
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