Slaughter House Painting

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The immediate message portrayed in this painting deals with animal rights. The unknown artist created this colorful and busy image as a voice for animals to open eyes of the public on these doings. The artwork presents a more cutting edge look filled with color instead of old-fashioned and in black and white. Lacking any text, the visual presentation is more than enough to get the message across. It reveals how animals are constantly witnessing their own kind and their brutal deaths. The center of this piece draws in the most attention due to the cooler colors in contrast with the warmer ones surrounding it. Although the distraught image is exposed in the majority of the picture, the glossy dimension of the eyeball is rather appealing adding a dash of beauty to its realism. …show more content…

Clearly the argument some may involve with this sort of topic would be mentioning the circle of life, how it’s a “natural” thing to do. Slaughterhouses are not a natural thing. Torturing animals is not a natural thing. Perhaps the reason for these killings is to feed our meat-eating population, nevertheless, all the mistreatment is only unnecessary. Easily appealing to our sense of pity, the painting comes back and hits the public in the face, opening society’s eyes to what truly happens behind the scenes of a

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