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Where innumerous catastrophic events are simultaneously occurring and altering the mental capability of its viewers eternally, war is senseless killing. The participants of war that are ‘fortunate’ enough to survive become emotionally distraught civilians. Regardless of the age of the people entering war, unless one obtains the mental capacity to witness numerous deaths and stay unaffected, he or she is not equipped to enter war. Kurt Vonnegut portrays the horrors of war in Slaughterhouse Five, through the utilization of satire, symbolism, and imagery. The main occurrence in the novel was the nonsensical bombing of the culturally enriched and beautiful city in Dresden, Germany. On February 13, 1945 amidst World War II this city was attack…show more content…
Satire describes the literary technique that combines dark humor and irony to criticize and expose humanity's stupidity. The purpose is to entertain readers with perverted humor while illustrating the horrors of war that Vonnegut consistently describes, “anyone who seeks glory and heroism in war is deluded” (Vonnegut 26). The humor found in Slaughterhouse is full of satire, creating laughable scenes that embody unconventional humor. When Billy Pilgrim is drunkenly searching for the steering wheel of his car “He was in the backseat of his car, which is why he couldn't find the steering wheel"(Vonnegut 48). This scene creates dark humor; while it is funny that he is looking for something where he clearly won’t find it, depicts the derangement and detrimental effect war causes on the mental stability and capacity of its participants such as Billy Pilgrim. The Gutless Wonder is Kilgore Trout’s book about a ruthless killing robot that people dislike due to his bad breath; ignoring the fact the he is a remorseful killer. This satirizes human morals depicting its shallowness in caring more about physical attributes than personal ones. Vonnegut first and foremost satirizes the idea of war. The alternate title for Slaughterhouse Five, Children’s Crusade, emphasizes youth of most soldiers; they are closer to babies than men capable of a

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