Slaughterhouse by Kurt Vonnegut

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Kurt Vonnegut followed many principles in his writings. He claimed that “people do not realize that they are happy” (PBS NOW Transcript). Feeling that people had the wrong view on war, he felt that he needed to get the facts straight. Vonnegut believed that art can come from awful situations, and that the truth is not always easy to look at. Kurt Vonnegut wrote Slaughterhouse – Five to tell of his experience in the bombing of Dresden, as a prisoner in war and the atrocities that occurred. Vonnegut explains that people only notice when they are unhappy. They do not seem to notice the good things happening around them. Many people take the small things for granted. In an interview, Vonnegut talked about his “good uncle”. This man always pointed out the moments when the people around him were happy, or content (PBS NOW Transcript). He respected his uncle for this outlook on things. That people only understand what happiness is like after it is gone. He tells about the life or death situations that the soldiers are faced with on a daily basis when fighting in a war. Vonnegut agreed with his uncle on his view of happiness, and how it was ignored. In Slaughterhouse – Five, he says “there is nothing intelligent to say about a massacre.” (Slaughterhouse – Five). Vonnegut thought that war was not an important factor of life (PBS NOW Transcript). Vonnegut pointed out that most people have the wrong views on war. Wanting to show his audience that the war was unorthodox, he said that

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