Slavery, Abolition and the South

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ESSAY QUESTION #3 – How did slavery impact the economic and political development of the southern colonies and later the southern states? What were conditions like for slaves in the southern U.S.? Prior to the use of slavery in the southern colonies they were experiencing a shrinking workforce, because their laborers were mainly indentured servants. Indentured servitude was a form of debt bondage for white and black contract laborers who were obligated to serve a master for a number of years, and they were then set free. Each side was legally obligated to these terms and it was enforced by the American courts. Slavery offered the colonists lifelong labor from each slave and the economic benefits were enormous. Slavery was very profitable for the southern colonists. The Blacks were much easier to enslave than the Native Americans. The Native Americans were already on their own land and the whites had established their own European culture in this land. The Blacks were stripped of their culture and their land. The main political developments for this time period affected the Blacks in a negative way. They were not to be considered human so they had no legal or civil rights. There were laws created to enforce cruel and sometimes deadly punishments on slaves that resisted the harsh treatment put upon them; laws that had an effect on the Black slaves like the ones started in Virginia, that declared that all White men were superior to Black men. This enabled them to separate the

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