Slavery And Segregation Of African Americans

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This Article, released on July 22, 2009, was in regards to an apology made by the U.S. Senate on June 18, 2009 for the slavery and segregation of blacks prior, during and after the Civil War. According to the response of members representing Project 21, a public relations network for African Americans, this apology will be used as a defensive tactic towards acquiring reparations for the suffering of their ancestors. Members of the black leadership network are quoted as saying, “The apology will do little to heal perceived racial gaps.” The intention of the resolution made by the U.S. Senate was not to warrant the need for reparations, but simply an apology on behalf of The United States for the suffering the slaves endured during the Civil War era. Reparations activist, Randall Robinson, perceived this apology as a confession of wrong doing and believes it will aid in the process of acquiring monetary compensation of the new generation of African Americans for the suffering of their ancestors. Robinson believes the apology was clearly an invitation to file suit against the U.S. Senate for financial rewards for the horrendous exploit performed by the United States citizens more than fourteen decades ago. Jerry Brooks says, “I’ll accept the apology, but we need to move on already.” Furthermore, Brooks also argues that it was the Republican Party that took part in abolishing slavery and believes they should not be the group expressing the remorse. Bob Parks
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