Slavery During The 1800s Slavery Essay

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In the 1800s slavery wasn’t a new concept in America. The sad truth was that this way of life in the “Old South” was normal. Many challenged it, some thought it was the only way, that slavery was natural way of living and blacks were only seen as property. In the era of slavery, most people often wonder if it could’ve ever have been prevented. Another aspect is that slavery was inevitable and that in a twisted way it made us better. With all these questions, and twisting of views one thing is for certain, it’s a part of our history, we are taught about it and it happened. It’s up to us to make sure we never get back to this “way of life” or the idea of slavery as normal. In both documents it’s fairly certain the views are different, John C. argues that freedom in the United States cannot exist without slavery, While Fredrick Douglas states that while slavery is still a “normal” and necessary evil, there can’t be freedom. Douglas’s speech was given in 1855, being a former slave who escaped to his freedom has more insight on the topic in enduring the horrific days as a slaves. Even with his experience he does not put his own bias into his argument on the topic. Many would’ve criticized him and discredited it, but Douglas being the very intelligent man he was, stuck to the facts and very hard and sad truth about how the continuation of slavery would be damaging. He hits the main points as stating how the relationship, back in this ear, between master and slave is a lot

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