Slavery In Modern Society

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Does slavery still exist in modern society? When a person is involuntarily subjected to another person as property instead of a human, it is slavery. Although people have a consensus in a civilized society that there is barely any slavery in the modern world, in fact, slavery has never left human society, and the manifestations of slavery vary as time passes by. The essence of the slavery system is uneven power distribution, and the struggle of slavery is woven into the conflict of power. In my opinion, slavery has and always will be a problem in America, because of historical racism, institutionalized racism, and the power dynamics of slavery hidden within it.

Firstly, the historical racism influences the concept of ‘slavery’ to a large extent. This racism is hard to eliminate because it is deeply rooted in the American culture and history. Since 1619 (American Anti-Slavery and Civil Rights Timeline), African slaves existed in America. The invention of cotton, sugar, and tobacco aggravated their suffering from inhuman exploitation. In The Narrative of Frederick Douglass, former slave Douglass described slaveholders’ violent acts towards the slaves including the all too common whippings and their miserable living conditions. The slaves lived worse than animals and their identities were stripped down. (Douglass 10) After the outbreak of the Civil War and the publishing of Emancipation Proclamation, it seemed that America has stepped out of the slavery structure. However,

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