Slavery Vs Slavery

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Slavery in the United States was a brand new entity. Slavery had been seen in other countries prior to this period of slavery in the US, but not to the extremes and lengths that the United States went to. It is important to contrast slavery in the United States versus slavery in Hispanic America, to be able to clearly see why a national war broke out over the slavery epidemic that took place in the United States. The main difference between the two countries practices of slavery was the treatment of the people they were enslaving. In the United States, a new kind of slavery was introduced. In other countries in previous times, slavery would be practiced if people were taken as prisoners of war, or if they owed an extreme debt. However, in the United States, slavery was based off of the inferiority of one race to another. This type of slavery was race-based generational, meaning that it is not possible to work your way out of it. During the beginnings of slavery in the south, the slave codes were introduced. The slave codes were southern state laws that defined slavery as a legal institution. In these laws slaves were defined as property, not as people. This gave them no legal rights or protections. This type of slavery is also known as chattel slavery. The treatment of slaves was determined by their owners. Slave owners had to find ways to motivate them to work. Some slave owners turned to punishment and torture, while others would give them privileges and treat them well

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