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Kevin Wang
Mr. Nicholson
AP US History, P.2
3 December 2014
LEQ 2.1.I.B: Comparison

Question: Compare and contrast the time period prior to the development of the Atlantic slave trade and the time period right after its introduction and assess the impact of its emergence. To what extent did African slavery change American society? You may want to consider social, economic, and geographical.

Prior to the Atlantic slave trade, the arable land along the South Atlantic seaboard were owned by wealth landowners and farmed primarily by either Native American slaves or white indentured servants. Beginning in the late 16th century and becoming ever more prominent in the 17th, the Atlantic slave trade was an inhumane trading system which …show more content…

However, the introduction of the Atlantic slave trade created a new rung on the social hierarchy. African slaves were treated as animals as opposed to humans. Discrimination and racism were all too prevalent with the development of slavery and led to brutal treatment of many Africans. Slaves were beaten, sometimes without a reason. They were denied rights such as property, voting, and education. They were viewed as complete property of the landowners and their children were not even exempt from living the life of a slave. The development of the Atlantic slave trade system led to a growth of racism in the South and this problem will continue to plague American society in the future.

In conclusion, the introduction of the Atlantic slave trade drastically changed America. Economically speaking, the African slaves allowed the Southern plantations to prosper and grow at an exponential rate. Socially speaking, the African slaves and racism towards them led to larger gaps in social classes. However, geographically speaking, the need for labor in Southern agriculture was present both in the eras prior and after African slavery.

African slavery became such a prominent part of the American identity and became integral for the South. Despite slavery completely going against the ideals of freedom and equality that America was created on, the South fought viciously to maintain their system of African slavery. This will later lead to a Civil

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