Slavery Was A Necessary For America

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There were many different points made by the people that thought that slavery was a necessary for America, which included fear, religion, legality, and even economics. Many people in the south knew that their considerable market remained to be slaves, so if slavery happened to be abolished the economy would haul a massive hit and the people in the south were not having that. Slaves were people that the white man was able to manipulate and throw away as easily as a toy, subsequently because of that they would never get rid of it. Many conditions could have stopped slavery, but there were countless obstacles that made it persist for a remarkably long time.
When Socrates converses with Crito about not trying to escape from prison even though all Socrates had to do was walk. Even after Crito tells Socrates all the trouble him and his other friends went through setting up everything up so Socrates would be able to escape with his life and not face execution. “In other words, of us her laws (for who would like a State that has no laws?), that you never stirred out of her: the halt, the blind, the maimed, were not more stationary in her than you were. And now you run away and forsake your agreements”(Plato, 53 A). Here witness how Socrates proclaims that even breaking one law is as though you are breaking all the laws. In this extreme many slaves might have thought the same way as Socrates and though if they escaped from slavery it would be the same thing as killing a person or

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