Slavery Was A Staple Of The American South Essay

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Slavery was a staple of the American South and is rooted deeply in our nation 's history. The first slaves were brought to The United States in 1502, and slavery was introduced to Virginia in 1619. Slavery in Virginia sparked a huge growth in slavery, and the industry of selling human life grew steadily from this point on, especially in southern states where the soil was ideal for growing cash crops such as cotton and tobacco. Infact, for much of history, planters in the U.S. south were the most powerful slaveholders in the western hemisphere. Though plantation owners profited greatly from this business, the period of slavery is a very shameful time in our nation 's history due to the abuse endured by those pieces of 'human property ': the slaves. Frederick Douglass was one of those slaves, and he received a comprehensive, first hand education on the horrors of slavery. He was born on a plantation in Maryland around the year 1818- his exact birthday is unknown because slaves were not afforded the luxury of knowing their own age. He worked under multiple masters in his time as a slave, and while some were better than others, none were good. On September 3rd, 1838, around the age of twenty, Frederick Douglass escaped his master and began the journey to freedom. Seven years after escaping, he published his first book: "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass". In this book he recounts his journey from a slave to a free man, and the abuse he had to endure to become that

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