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Guide To Have a Better Sledding Experience. By Jacob Ray

Do you like to sled on a snowy day? In winter I think sledding is a very fun activity.
This exciting endeavor involves different uses for snow for sledding, fun activities to do with friends, your family and other people and the appropriate pieces of clothing you should wear for sledding. In order to sled you need to know the uses for snow to help you have a better sledding experience. For sledding you need something to go down and that is a big and steep snowy hill with some ice on the top layer to go faster. If while you are going down a random hill that you didn't make and you go fast into a pile of snow you will go flying into the air and crashing down hard onto the ground. The …show more content…

If you don't have the correct pieces you will feel very cold if fall of the sled in land face first into your big hill of snow. In sledding there's the most protective thing on your body to wear is the helmet . If you fall of your sled and hit something hard on the way down your helmet will protect your head from big accidents that could happen. In winter overall you need to wear lots of layers of clothing in winter and while sledding it is very cold outside on a winter day having fun sledding. Gloves are another helpful item to wear because if you don't wear them and it is below about 20 degrees your fingers will get very numb and cold. Your clothing you wear in winteris also another important item prior to sledding.

In sledding doing activities with other people is fun in many certain ways. One thing you could do with your friends is race on your seep and snowy hill and have huge amounts of fun. Another existing activity to do with family and friends is hang out drink hot chocolate and have the time of your life. While you are racing you might bump into each other and fly of your sled. Those are 3 fun and exciting ways to have fun with your friends.

Sledding is so much fun on a snowy day. Working with snow is one of the most important parts.if you have no cloths you will be frozen cold. Doing fun activities with other people is a better way to enjoy a snowy day. There is nothing more fun on a enjoyable winter

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