Sleep Disorders: The Five Stages Of Sleep

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There are many sleep stages people go through when resting. The first sleep stage is the theta waves, also known as light sleeping. In this stage theta waves are increasing as the alpha waves fade out to put you into light sleep. If awaken from this stage most people are unaware they were actually beginning to sleep. Secondly you move on into the second stage, which is the sleep spindles. In this stage your temperature drops, heart rate slows, and your breathing becomes flat and irregular. Sleep spindles show up on paper as quick bursts of activity in the brain that last only a few seconds. During this sleep if you are awaken you will notice you were actually asleep. Next you have sleep stage three where the delta waves come in. Delta waves are the largest and slowest waves of them all; when a person hits this stage they are in the deepest stage of sleep. Lastly REM sleep is the final stage of sleeping. During this stage the body with go back through stage three and then through stage two to increase the body’s temperature. The eyes…show more content…
Depending on your age you will require certain amounts of sleep. The younger you are the more sleep you need; the older you are the less sleep you need. When you’re young sleeping is what aids your body in growing, revamping, and helps you be able to generally function when awake. For example, being pulled out of your sleep by your college roommate getting ready for their day by blow drying their hair or being generally loud brings negative affects to you. It decreases your memory, the ability to learn, it can cause future accidents, and it will affect your mental and physical health in the long run. The effect on your mental and physical health can be dangerous and result in things such as: heart attacks, heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes, and irregular heartbeat. So getting a good night’s rest is more important than people
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