Slim Fast Offers False Hope to Young Girls

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The popular weight loss shake “SlimFast” has created a false perception in young adolescent girls that may be impossible to achieve. The company website market approach states
“Are you ready for this? Together we are going to help you lose up to six pounds in the next two weeks. So dust off those skinny jeans and polish off those stilettos because you are going to look great and feel even better”. provides unrealistically thin-ideal type of beauty which might cause the normal average weight adolescent girls to feel less confident and more dissatisfied with their appearance. The advertisers push their solution “SlimFast” on potentially overweight adolescent’s females as they aware of their role; their need to feel beautiful, their insecurities and anxieties about weight. According to the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, sociocultural norms for ideal appearance lead women to base their self-worth more strongly on appearance than on character. (Insert Referencing). The advertising suggests once you lose weight wearing tight jeans and sporting high heels will make you look great. Reading this, young adolescent females may feel the need to compare how they look against the message being convened and perceive themselves as not measuring up to the standards. Thus, confirming some adolescents measure their self-esteem based on outer beauty not on inner beauty; how smart, nice, friendly or funny they are. As adolescents use the computers on a daily basis they are

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