Small Group Communications (Comm 231)

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Throughout the duration of Small Group Communications (COMM 231), I have really enjoyed this class itself. The material learned in the class was not hard to grasp and can be applied to my future career and college life. The actual assignments from the class were difficult for me to complete. Blending my talents with someone else’s is just not how I want to be graded on an assignment. It is as though I have to depend on someone else to determine my grade that just is not fair to me. The group projects and papers were just not my cup of tea. Personally, I disliked every one of the group assignments; however, I still participated and held up my weight in during each of them. From the first project to the last, I saw myself grow from a participant-observer…show more content…
The campus organization my group chose was just not a topic I was okay with, but since all of them wanted the topic, I remained quiet. To illustrate, the topic I wanted to choose was the Student Government Association. I felt as though we would have more to talk about, but they all still agreed on the school’s food pantry. Although I remained quiet about the topic, there was no passive aggression. I just did not want the group to think of me as being negatively opinionated. I have always been an action-oriented listener, so I focused on the getting the job finished rather than asking them to change the topic. During the writing process of the paper, I was the opinion deviate of the group. Most of the time, I kept my opinion to myself, because I knew they would take my criticism to the heart. To elaborate, Channing wrote an introduction that I felt was very weak. So, I wrote a better one. Jarkayla, Channing, and Briana sided with Channing saying that her introduction was better. Yet, Jarkayla still put two of Channing's sentences into mine and called it a “combined introduction”. I used the avoidance conflict management approach because I disagreed with them but said nothing to keep them happy. The first group project was one huge challenge for me. I completed my sections of the group paper and participated in the group discussions, so I still was an effective participant-observer in my
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