Smartphones And The Social Phone

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Do you have a smartphone? Do all of your friends have smartphones? Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone? Well, neither do I. But isn’t our prized possession and dearest friend Mr. smartphone making us rather dumb? Isn’t it harming us in more ways than we care to acknowledge? Then isn’t it time we did something to save ourselves and the future generations. If we were to go back into our childhood, we would recollect how often we used to go to our friends’ and relatives’ homes to spend the evening or day with them. Now we never felt the need to check with them beforehand if we could drop by. We used to spend time with each other in face to face communication and our relationships were stronger, closer and more honest. But today we hardly visit any family and friends and all meetings and conversations are through the smartphone on the social media. No wonder the relationships are fickle, superficial and do not last for long. For this very reason, people of all most all age group are lonely and socially isolated. Well, the worst part is that not many realize they are trapped by the smartphone, which substitutes a full social life full of values and bonhomie with a false sense of reality. Do you remember how tongue-tied you were when you met your Facebook friend in person, whereas you could chat with him for ages and could share …show more content…

Phones can potentially distract a person and increase the risk of traffic accidents, and God forbid should our smartphone runs out of battery, we feel totally helpless and lost. On one hand, we are more connected to distant people by way of social media networks, face time, WhatsApp etc. However, on the other hand, we get so busy with our smartphone that we forget to spare time for the loved ones around us. Often friends spend time together looking at their phones instead of talking to each

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