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Technology and the Human Race The human race has indeed gone far with technology. At the beginning of civilization, they used rocks and stones and now they rely on advanced technology. Everywhere we stand there are electronics all around us, from our kitchen appliances to our cars, and traffic signs lighting up. Where we look, we see from the largest airplane to the smallest microchip with a magnitude of information. If you have yet to notice, we cannot do much without our devices beside us. We are the momma kangaroos and our devices are our joeys, being carried in our pockets, purses, or backpacks where ever we go. We use our cellphones to distract us from uncomfortable situations or avoiding confrontation. For example, when we are…show more content…
Humanity wise, I can connect to that human-being whom I never met before because we are feeling a mutual connection with similar ideas. Regardless, we are still all united in some way and somehow through technology. It’s so incredible how in one day a meme can change your day or how you can relate to it. Some may disagree because they believe it is the most stupid thing ever made. I believe otherwise. With the power of social media and the internet, we can connect globally in a way that was not possible before. Unfortunately, I do have to admit that it does take away a more personable interaction. Most people will connect with Facebook versus taking the time to see the person. For example, in the reading, “I’m Still Here: Back Online after a Year without the Internet” by Paul Miller, he said “It is the boredom and lack of stimulation that drives me to do things I really care about, like writing and spending time with others” (4). When we get bored, we want to do things we have never done before. The downside is, that there is people that rather kill that time on their devices. Rather than, cleaning their room or explore the world for those valuable 20 minutes they will text their life away. If everyone, was to go a month without the internet, the world would probably end. Everyone is so addicted to this new era of devices. In contrast, technology at times may be damaging. In the reading, “Attention Deficit: The Brain Syndrome of our Era” by Richard Restak, he says
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