Smash The Pig Research Paper

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Meta: Get ready, as it is time to go pig smashing in the latest game from Spielo. Aptly titled Smash the Pig, will you be able to rip the reels of this new release apart in order to win big? Smash the Pig Review Smash the Pig is a brand new slot that brings a new feel and spin to the casino slots genre. This slot game by Spielo is not one based on glitz, glamour, and the high life, which seems to be the common trend of the moment. Instead, it is a game that has agricultural roots, as it is based around life on the farmyard. Considering its odd premise, eyebrows have certainly been raised, with many questioning the legitimacy of this new game prior to release. Being as objective as possible, can this theme actually be made into a fun game? There is only one way to find out! These little pigs went market Smash the Pig can be described in two words; adorable perfection. When the game starts (which it does rather quickly I must add) your eyes will be treated to bright colours all over the screen. It is meant to be a sunny day on the farm that this title is themed around, with the game reflecting that rather well. The reels are centre screen as per the norm with a Spielo title, while the background is …show more content…

It matches well with the theme of the game and provides a distinct contrast against the bright background. Under the reels, you can find a display which will tell you how many lines you are playing and the bet per line for that spin. When that spin ends, it displays the winnings. You can find the buttons, which you will be using to play the game, on the bottom part of the screen. They are menu, pays, select lines, bet per line, max bet, and spin. When you win these buttons change into double up, take score, and triple up. All in all, within Smash the Pig the user interface is organised impressively, which allows for easy navigation and even easier

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