Smoking Cessation in New Zealand

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The aim of my proposal is to give valuable information about smoking and smoking cessation in a presentation that could be helpful to teenagers and pregnant women who want to quit smoking. The presentation will use simple pictures and language to make it easy for everybody to learn about the harmful impact of smoking on health. Along with this, there are three key goals of tobacco control exercises: To lessen the use of smoking, to discontinue smoking, diminishing introduction to a second-hand smoker. In this presentation I will discuss different strategies that are identified to stop smoking, for example, strategies to stop routine use of smoking in New Zealand, the viability of these strategies, health related dangers of smoking, the benefits of stopping smoking.
I have chosen this subject because of the fact that it will give helpful information might be to those individuals who need to stop smoking such as teenagers and pregnant ladies who have a higher risk from health related issues, moreover passive smokers will additionally get benefit from these methods and can enable themselves to keep smoke free.
BENEFITS: The main benefit is to the public, such as pregnant women and teenagers, and future generations. It will help people to improve their financial situation if they quit smoking. Additionally, it will helpful to pregnant mothers who are not aware about the health related risks and the severity of that
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