Smooth Bore vs. Fog Nozzles

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Old School: Smoothbore Nozzles in the Fire Service

The City of ______ Fire Department is in current discussion of using either smooth bore nozzle versus combination nozzles in commercial structures. This conversation has been a topic within the fire service since the introduction of the fog/combination nozzles in the 1960’s. Although there are positives to both pieces of equipment, I believe that the department needs to make a decision on which nozzle to use for a standard operating procedure and safety purposes.
To better understand the background of the contrasting views, we must look at how the fire service has developed around …show more content…

Guess what happened? We got our tails burned every time from the heat, steam, and black nasty garbage dropping down on us. The protective cone of water works great IF you are not in a confined super heated atmosphere. Like for approaching a gas meter fire, or a car fire where the heat can dissipate into the atmosphere. I think the best choice is having both types of nozzles available and selecting the right one for the job. Either way, a smooth bore stream or a straight stream from a combination nozzle is the best choice for interior work.
The department decided to investigate this particular topic to determine which nozzle would be more beneficial when a firefighter is in a burning commercial structure. The smooth bore shoots out more water per second but at a straight stream. The combination nozzle shoots out more water droplets at a wider stream. Both processes are functional when putting out a fire. However, the combination nozzle can act as a barrier or wall against flames and smoke because it shoots at such a wide pattern. At the same time because the combination nozzle system shoots out water droplets, the droplets produce steam. The steam that is now present is more harmful to firefighters, which can be prevented by keeping the smooth bore nozzle in place. A direct attack method is designed to extinguish the fire by applying water in a straight or solid stream to the base of the fire. This allows the

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