Smuggling Of Nuclear Material Essay

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Smuggling of Nuclear Material

Over the past five years the former states of the Soviet Union haven't been able to prevent the leakage of nuclear material. Nuclear materials and technologies are more accessible now than at any other time in history, due to the breakup of the Soviet Union and the worsening of economic conditions. No longer does the Soviet KGB, the Soviet military and the Soviet border guards have the control to stop the smuggling of nuclear material's. With the Cold War being over, there is a huge stockpile of over 100 nuclear sites (See Appendix A).
Russia, alone has an inventory of 1,300 tons of highly enriched uranium (HEU), and 165 tons of weapon usable plutonium. Such material is coming into high demand on the …show more content…

He was apparently motivated by an article on the fortune in selling HEU. On October 9, 1992 he was apprehended at a Podolsk railroad. Under Article 223 he was sentenced for three years.
The largest quantity of weapon-usuable nuclear material smuggled outside
Russia was found in Prague, Czech Republic on Dec. 14, 1994. Two canisters of
HEU enriched to 87.79% U-235 was found in the car of Jaroslav Vagner. Vagner had worked at several power stations at Dukovany and Temelin and he left due to poor wages. His arrest came, due to an anonymous telephone tip.
The list of potential proliferations exist in the state, separatist and terrorist groups and organize crime. Many countries are looking for critical components for their nuclear weapons program. Finding a material would shorten the time in producing a nuclear weapon. For instance, Iran is actively pursuing nuclear weapon capability. They're attempting to develop both plutonium and HEC.
In 1992 Iran unsuccessfully approached the Ulba Metallurgical Plant and in 1993 three Iranians belonging to intelligence service were arrested in Turkey while seeking to acquire smuggled nuclear material. The CIA, John Deutch estimates: ³
Iran is a couple of years away from producing a nuclear weapon.²
Iran's neighbor Iraq continues its nuclear program after being

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