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Night Every author has a different ways to portray a certain scene and the different elements used can be identify in Elie Wiesel and Art Spiegelman’s ‘hanging’ scene. For example, in Night, the reader uses his imagination to create the images of the horrific events, while in Maus, the images are ‘fed’ to him, giving a different some sort of surprise or shock. Depending on the situation, one novel’s technique might be more emotionally powerful at times than the other.
One element is ‘imagery’, and that technique in Maus compares with Night because Maus is a graphic novel with explanations and Night is a literary novel where one draws out his own picture in his mind. With Night, it all depends on the person’s imagination and how they …show more content…

In the next fifth and sixth panels of Maus, we just see feet in the air and our minds automatically trace back to the hanging. Those feet could be jumping, but the way they drop down show that there is no life left in the bodies. On page 86, we see and feel the grief of the Jews and how morbid the atmosphere is. There is the technique of cinematography because in the foreground the reader can see the present situation while in the background, there is a flash-back and the faces of the hanged appear. In Night, the only part where we read about the aftermath of both hangings is when there is the comment about how the soup tasted. “I remember that on that evening, the soup tasted better than ever…” for the first hanging, but on the second, “That night, the soup tasted of corpses”. These are powerful words which draw disgusting images in our minds. In Maus, Siegelman can almost rely on the illustrations to explain a situation, while in Night, Wiesel is forced to write in a way that the words become illustrations in our heads and almost become a reality.
This brings me onto my second element of ‘layout’, and this technique in Night contrasts greatly with Maus because Night all depends on how well written the story is, while in Maus, the illustrations are there to help the reader understand

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