Snow : A Short Story : John White Snow

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It was five in the morning when John White Snow woke up he looked at the calendar and it was a saturday and the date was June 16th, it was his birthday he was turning fifteen. When he looked at the end of his bed he saw a present it said “I love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday see you later! -From Mom”. He opened it and it was the shoe he wanted, it was a nike shoe that was red and black and it was a size 7½ which was the perfect size for him. He was very happy because those were the exact shoes he wanted but when he went shopping he couldn’t find them the other weekend. He has a sister that is three years younger than him, he has black hair, he is five feet and six inches tall, and has hazel brown eyes. His family owns a frozen yogurt place called Snow Bizz so everyday after school he would go and help his mother and father make frozen yogurt then go home and do homework. John lives in McAllen, Texas with his mother, father, sister, and grandmother. John is a very well known guy that is friends with everyone, except with five guys their names are Jarod, Tom, Bill, Jimmy, and Kobe they aren’t friends because they are always bullying someone and he tries to help others and for that they pick on him. He is a nice, smart, and loving which is why everyone loves him. Later on that day at about one in the afternoon his family and him went to the park. All of his cousins, uncles, and aunts surprised him with a birthday cake. His cousins, sister, and him got water

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