Snow-Personal Narrative

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I stared out of the empty window, remembering my childhood and how happy I would be when snow would come. Now snow means winter and winter never fails to remind me of you. I remember the way you would laugh at every joke I would tell and how wide your smile would become when you heard about something you love or saw something beautiful. I blinked and was wide eyed into the snow. It was bright and seemed so beautiful, but cold to the touch. Kind of like a person.

I moved away from the cold window and tied my hair up. The house was lonely but the warmth of the coffee and my sweatshirt made me feel cozy here. I liked the quietness and simplicity of the place. Yet, I still couldn't get you off of my mind, no matter how hard I try it was impossible.
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I opened my eyes and they were crusty with sleep on the sides of them. The nurse came in again and I said, " Good Morning," and my eyes grew huge because I realized I could speak again. She replied, " good morning, you can sit up now but both of your legs are broken, along with your right arm." She helped me sit up and said," also there are some people here to see you. They have been very worried for you." I asked her if I had received any recent calls, she said, " yes, only one. From the prison." It was him. My dad. He had gone to prison 3 years ago for hurting my mom and selling drugs. I hadn't seen him or talked to him since the day he was taken…show more content…
I called Abby and told her to pick me up and bring her truck so we could load the wheelchair into the back.

When we got home, she took care of me. I slept most of the time, but I didn't mind having her stay there and keep me healthy. She stayed with me for about a week, but she checked in every once in awhile. I wondered if my dad would worry about me at all. My legs and arm are hurting really bad at this point.

The person who hit my car was a boy, who was only 15 years old and had just gotten his license. He felt very bad about it all, but I told him it was okay and that it was all my fault for being on my phone while driving.

Soon the months went by like days, and my bones began to heal and stopped hurting so badly. The scratches on my face became scars. I hadn't been doing anything for a while and I was lonely. My dad had called once again, but I didn't pick up.

Maybe I would feel better for a while if Abby came over. I invited her and she came right away. We drank hot tea, the way we liked it. We sat under blankets in the window seat, and stared into the snow for hours it seemed. I thought to myself," Everything will be okay, it's just going to take time. It will be okay at some
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