Snow Vacative Personal Narrative

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The old brown snow lay on the side of the streets. A vast storm has passed Portland just a few days ago. The weather was chilling and there was the scent of snow running through the air. “Did you get everything?” my dad yelled to me. He was always sour when I pack my belongings to go on a trip. I sat on the suitcase, trying to close it. It was as if the beast wouldn’t close but finally did.
“Get into the car,” my mom screamed. I threw my bag into the trunk, took my seat, and we were off to the airport. I pictured in my head how fun it will be on vacation in the Bahamas, but had *no idea what was ahead of me.*
I hopped out of the car, grabbed my bag and ran into one of my favorite places, Portland International Airport. My mom, dad, and I still thought of this being the best vacation of 2016. We checked in, went through security, which was always a pain, and went to the gate. Step by step I made my way on the plane and we were off to Denver to catch our next flight.
Inch by inch, the plane made it into Denver. I was amazed that planes can land in an inch layer of snow. It was still pouring snow in Denver and didn’t seem like it would stop. Finally, I took my seat on the bench next to the gate eagerly waiting for the flight to go to New York which would then take us to Bahamas.
Two hours later I hear on the intercom, “The flight to New York is delayed for 1 hour.” It was now 10pm and the plane was delayed for 1 hour, but I looked pass this and only saw the destination.

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