Narrative Essay About The Big Snow

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When I was 11 years old the most traumatic things in my life happened to me. It was the year of ‘The Big Snow’ and just like every other kid on our street we were going to go to the biggest, baddest hill to sled. The hill was at my friend’s house and my brothers and I always go there to go sledding. However, this time things took a turn for the worst and let’s just say a couple stitches, a new tooth, and some glue to heal my skull I learned to never show off bluntly again. As an 11 year old and an older brother I was trying act like the big man on the block. As we were getting ready to go out in the snow I was racing around to be the first one out of the house so I could be the first one to go down the hill. Well I was ready first (of course) so I ran to the hill. When I got there my friends had already started sledding so I joined right in. About an hour or so in we took a break to build a massive ramp at the end of the hill. It was huge, we were definitely going to get air if we hit it. I volunteered to be first to show I was the real deal. I got a long running start and jumped onto the hill head first. At this point I have trouble telling the story because I don’t remember it. My friends say I didn’t hit the ramp square and went off the side and straight into a tree. Then I layed sprawled out in the snow motionless. I can remember what happens next though. I sat up and screamed and ran for my neighbors house. When I got to their house, ‘Mrs. Green’ opened the door and

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