Snow White And The Huntsman Analysis

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Many people may believe that fairytale love stories are all played out to be the same; however, Huntsman: A Winter’s War sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman, is an exception to the clichéd others because it persists of a riveting divergent love story, powerful uproarious actor and actresses, and the true to life graphics. Even though this movie contains the basic concepts of a fairytale love story, it doesn’t convey the average message that the woman figure in the tale is the damsel in distress and has to be rescued by the prince. This tale is about two children from the queen’s army who grow to love each other and are put through many hardships and tests in order to fight for their forbidden love. The tale runs deeper within the family history between Queen Freya and her sister Ravenna. Ravenna has kept a maliciously selfish secret pertaining to the truth of what has happened Queen Freya’s family. The secret is revealed to the queen and results in betrayal from many different turning points to the story. Every fairytale love story should always consist of a great love story, I mean it’s in the name for Pete’s sake. In this love story, children are torn apart from their parents to grow up and fight in the queen's army as her hunts people in a kingdom where love is forbidden. Just like every other love story, love always finds a way. Eric and Sara are the main characters of this movie, they are also the characters that this love story revolves around. Their love for each
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