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The “magic” of the Disney universe is undeniable, although not as one would first think. Walt Disney created an empire of fantasies, dreams, and magical adventures, but the true magic is the power Disney has to instill these fantasies and dreams into children’s minds. Of course, these fantasies are not always realistic. The easily impressionable thoughts and ideas of the children can be easily altered in their most susceptible time of life to believe these extravagant fantasies. The particular fantasy that is most often presented is the one of every story ending “happily ever after”, which usually goes hand-in-hand with the fantasy of finding the one Prince Charming. By buying into these fantasies, children in society lose the true sense …show more content…
Jack Zipes points out in his essay that “the purpose of early animated films was to make audiences awestruck and to celebrate the magical talents of the animator as demigod” (Bell 31). The advancement of animation techniques rewrote the ways society viewed classic tales (Bell 31). The awe-inspiring new way to deliver these tales made a huge impression in people’s minds that was hard to forget. Walt Disney certainly exploited this fact when he stepped into the scene of animated films. Jack Zipes comments on this evolution of fairy tales onto the silver screen and Disney’s manipulation of the fairy tales:
They deprive the audience of viewing the production and manipulation, and in the end, audiences can no longer envision a fairy tale for themselves as they can when they read it. The pictures now deprive the audience of visualizing their own character, roles, and desires. At the same time, Disney offsets the deprivation with the pleasure of scopophilia and inundates the viewer with delightful images, humorous figures, and erotic signs. (Bell 33)
This concept reached a new high with Disney’s Snow White, which made huge leaps in terms of animated film evolution. Disney spent thousands of dollars on testing new film techniques such as colored gels and improved sound and film synchronization (Bell 35). This new sense of realism surely added to the ability of the audience to take in the fantasies they see as real life probabilities.

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