Snowball Effect Essay

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Do you know what the snowball effect is? If you don’t, the snowball effect is a metaphor for the process that starts of small significance and builds upon itself, becoming larger and larger with the potential of becoming dangerous or even beneficial. I guess you can say the first snowball in my story is the split between my mom and her still legal husband-David. It wasn’t till the events after the divorce that I realized my biggest fear in life is to become my mom. I think the fear was something that always crept around in the shadows of my mind until that night when suddenly it was in the spotlight. The second snowball goes by the name Joanna. Named after the dramatic, alcoholic, and absolutely miserable neighbor that had become…show more content…
Which is actually pronounced John, not Jean which I really don’t understand. The first event that took place with Jean was on November 25, 2015. I was out with my uncle and his fiancé at the movies watching X- Men: Days of Future Past when I got the call. I can still remember how hard my heart began to pound as my mom was on the other line loudly sobbing loudly. I can also remember the disappoint, embarrassment and anger when She told me that she and Jean had gotten into a physical fight which resulted in her arrest. Most of all I rember the anger When she came home the next day she forgave Jean for hitting her. The second event took place during winter break. It was really early in the morning, the breeze from my balcony hitting me as I ate breakfast with my two grandmothers Yaya and Sofie at the kitchen table. My mom and Jean weren’t home, they had spent the entire night out. I remember waiting for something to happen, I knew something was gonna happen I just didn’t expect it to be so traumatizing. My phone had begun ringing uncontrollably, so I ran to my phone and almost automatically my heart ha stopped and stomach dropped because on the other line My mom was screaming bloody murder. She was yelling at me the to call the cops, that Jean had hit her again. Everything then became a blur of worry and anxiousness. I don’t remember what I had told the cops, what I told my grandmother and I don’t definitely don’t even remember getting in a car
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