So Many Fallen Societies

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Imagine a society with a great government, nice economy and equal rights. This society sounds amazing but this society is not possible. No society is perfect. Especially these three societies, the Divergent society, the Civil rights movement and the Roman society. A great amount of societies have fallen due to these three reasons ; corrupt government, poverty and social injustice. Political corruption is a really big reason politically why societies fall. One keen example is the society in the book divergent. One reason why the divergent society fell was due to political corruption. In the book its states that the dauntless and only the dauntless control the simulations. But thats not all of the truth. Actually the Erudite control the system. Which leads to political corruption. In the book it states, “It’s not dauntless strategy. I say. This whole thing is masterminded by Erudite. And it’s not likely they are giving orders.” (Roth, 345). This shows that the Erudite actually does control the systems. Another society that fell due to political corruption was Sierra Leone. They had a really great blood diamond business. And everything was great. Except their government. “This society fell mainly due to government corruption and mismanagement of diamond resources and abuse of power by various governments since independence from Britain.” This shows me that they fell due to political corruption. They couldn’t agree on anything which lead to bickering and fighting with the
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