So Much Social Networking Essay

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As of today, there are a bunch of social networking sites available to us. Some we probably don’t even know about, while new ones are in the process of getting made. The most popular ones that we all use to present day, in no particular order, are Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and maybe many more, but the one I want to talk about in this essay is my favorite one of all, Tumblr. Some of us might have a Tumblr account; some of us probably don’t even know what Tumblr is. Well, I would be delighted to tell you. Tumblr is a social networking site and is also a blogging site. You’ll see that mostly teens and young adults use Tumblr, maybe even some older people. When I first got an account I instantly got hooked to it. Some people may tell …show more content…

I see posts and I’m like, “OMG that is totally me”or, “Gosh why are these girls so pretty and I’m not?” It’s always mixed emotions when I get on Tumblr. Another downside to Tumblr is the nasty and disturbing images. I get so grossed out by the stuff I see sometimes. One minute there’s pictures of flowers, cute couples, pictures of beautiful scenery, and then there’s the pictures of nasty people self harming themselves and people naked and having sex. It’s just not a pleasant sight to see. How can someone put their stuff out like that? It is just torture. I remember there was this one GIF, which are animated pictures, and someone had a gun pointing in his mouth and he pulls the trigger and you see blood and everything just explode out of his head. Yeah, it’s sad that people commit suicide and cut themselves, but don’t go posting pictures about it, just talk to someone about it. In conclusion, Tumblr is a very good thing, but it can be a very bad thing in my opinion. Even with all the pictures that are nasty and the pictures that make me insecure, I still love Tumblr and will never stop loving it. When people share their thoughts and feelings on Tumblr, it’s not our place to judge them, it’s to encourage them and help them through it. I don’t know how many posts I have seen where I am going through the same thing in this crazy world. After talking about it, I made the decision to write

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