So What Exactly Happens After Death? Do We Reincarnate

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So what exactly happens after death? Do we reincarnate into a different form? Do we somehow take someone else’s body? The idea of what occurs after death has been controversy for many years. There’s has been theories and evidence that try to understand what exactly happens. According to Socrates he believes in the idea that there’s still life after death and the soul and the body are two separate things. Furthermore, his ideas would be considered what dualist beliefs. Meanwhile, another philosopher, Bertrand Russell, believes that there’s no such thing as soul and everything could be explained through physical explanation. More importantly, his ideas would be considered what materialist believe because he presumes that human being is…show more content…
The water is always changing, but it keeps to the same course because previous rain have worn a channel. While this is the case, he continues to support his argument by explaining how the brain will dissolve at death along with the memories because there’s no reason to expect “a river to persist in its old course after an earthquake has raised a mountain where a valley used to be” (Russell 89). Moreover, Russell believes that our personality are passed on by either habit or heredity and that the inherited part could be genetically passed on but doesn’t survive the dissolution of the body. Once again, the memory can be affected by the brain, “that a virtuous person be rendered vicious by encephalitis lethargic, and that a clever child can be turned into an idiot by lack of iodine” (Russell 90). Yet, still the mind might not survive because it could deteriorate because the destruction of the brain structure which only leaves to death. Besides, Russell presumed that the belief in immortality happened because people feared death. However, dualists on the other hand believe quiet differently in the idea of what happens after death. Meanwhile, Socrates argues differently of what happens after death. Socrates would be considered someone who is dualist. A dualist is someone who believes that the body and the soul is what composes a human being. Therefore, there should be no reason to fear

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