Soc 108 Exam 1 Study Guide Essay

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Chapter 1: Research in the real world Ways that we know what we know and their problems Tradition What we’ve been told, what we’ve been socialized to believe (ex) mom says you need to brush your teeth or else you’ll get cavities pros: you don’t have to do the experiment yourself; very efficient cons: you don’t think abt doing it yourself; we never question it so it becomes mindless of the world; constrained, tunnel-vision Authorities individuals who have the right to direct others (ex) police, professors, doctors, judges, etc pros: efficient; rely upon them b/c they are accurate sources of info cons: they don’t know everything; knowledge may change over time Personal Experience we are our own individual social psychologists…show more content…
CONCEPTS: ‘exposed’ and ‘deviant’ (ex) Symbolic Interactionism IF indivs act towards objects on the basis of the meanings associated with those objects; identities reflect the set of meanings that indivs attach to self as a social object THEN Identities will affect how ppl behave. CONCEPTS: identities, behavior attributes -- all the different values a variable can take on (ex) gender: male, female, don’t identify weight: numerically across the board types of cars: trucks, SUVs, sedans, etc Types

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