Soccer, A Popular Culture : Soccer As A Popular Culture

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Soccer as a Popular Culture The soccer history dates back to more than thousands of years ago to the ancient China. Later, countries such as Greece, Central America as well as Rome have claimed to have been the origin of soccer. However, England is the country that have developed soccer to what we know today as football. Britain was the first country to develop the initial rules on uniform for soccer as well as stopping players from tripping their opponents and using their hands to touch the ball unless one was the goalkeeper. More rules have been developed and more landmarks set as the sport developed. For instance, according to the FIFA website, the penalty kick was first introduced in 1891 (Huggins, 2007). The yellow and red cards were …show more content…

In the event that the player misses to score, one gets mad and could use cursing words, while when the player scores, one becomes happy and uses complementary words. This is football making an individual express all their feelings in one instance as this is a situation that repeats itself severally in a game of soccer. However, soccer sometimes has negative impacts on individuals taking part in the game as spectators or players. Soccer makes a number of individuals intolerant and this intolerance could cause disturbances to other participants in the game. Hooliganism is one of the most popular form of intolerance in the game of soccer where fans from the opposing sides in most instances get into physical confrontations resulting in injuries and in worse cases, deaths. An example was when Egypt faced Algeria in an African Nations Cup tournament where Algerian fans got down into the pitch and engaged the Egyptian fans in a physical fight which left several people dead. These physical fights are not only limited to the fans but the soccer players as well. Many instances have been reported of players getting into physical confrontations with the members of the opposing team (Huggins, 2007). This has resulted in the development of more stringent rules to reduce such incidences. This is evidence of how the popular culture that is soccer elicits emotions among the participant of the game. Soccer

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