Soccer Is A Marvelous Sport

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Soccer is a marvelous sport. It is a sport that virtually all know about, no matter where they live. A sport that began long ago and has continued on for decades. Even if it is less popular in some countries, it still has one of the largest fan-bases in the world. As Kress Estime says in her report on soccer, “Soccer is the most widely practiced sport in the world. It is played in over 200 countries and has over 3.5 billion fans around the globe” (Estime). Soccer has held this title for a long time and has yet to lose it. Perhaps there is a reason that soccer has gained the most sizeable fanbase in the world? The difficult objective is finding out what that exact reason is and why it has happened. Could it be stereotypical? Could it be the drama that is included in it? Could it be emotion striking the people down causing them fall victim to the enjoyment that soccer offers? Could it be the inspiration from those who have played the sport before them? There is most certainly more than one answer to these questions. The history of soccer also offers a possible solution to this mystery. Cliff Potter briefly explains soccer’s history in his article for the Bleacher Report. He states, “However, the first indications of an early formal form of football date back 3,000 years to Ancient China. A game played with a ball of animal skins stuffed with hair or feathers was kicked between poles some 10 metres high and was most likely used for military training. By 50 A.D., the game

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