Soccer Is Better Than Women Essay

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Soccer is the most popular sport played across the world. In most countries, soccer is played by kids as soon as they can walk, but that does not seem to be the case here in the United States. Even with that said, more and more people in the US are starting to learn, and enjoy, this complex game. So that brings up the question, who is the more successful United States National Soccer Team? Is it the men or the women? The women have proved over and over again they are, by far, a lot more successful than the men. This can be determined based on their statistics, their international success in big tournaments, and their overall win percent since the team was founded.
One of the best ways to see who is truly more successful is to look at the team’s
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The men play in two very large scale tournaments, the FIFA World Cup and the CONCACAF Gold Cup. In the last two World Cup’s, they have been knocked out in the first round of non-group play games. In the last CONCACAF Gold Cup they finished in fourth place after losing to Panama in the third place game. The Gold Cup before that, however, they came out victorious with a win over Panama (USMNT Tournaments, The women, on the other hand, have been even more successful. Their two large scale tournaments are the FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympics. In the 2011 World Cup, the women finished second in a heartbreaker, ending in overtime, but the next time, 2015, they took home the trophy with a five-two win over Japan. For the Olympics, in 2016, they, in the quarterfinals, had another close game resulting in a loss in overtime, but the Olympics prior to that, 2012, they took home the gold medals with a huge win over Japan (USWNT Tournaments, Overall, the USWNT has won a total over 24 international tournaments, while the USMNT has won only six. The large gap in the number of titles shows the women have been far more
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