Soccer On The East Coast

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It has been said that when one gets injured, one never realizes it until you look at the wounded body part. No statement is more genuine than that. An individual forgets the details of how they got injured. The if, how, and whys are only noticed later on when you look back and analyze what had occurred. More often than not, a lot of different things are to blame. Could it be the slip and slide, the angle, or just a personal mistake? For some reason, I believe it was the first one, and that could explain why I’m scared of slip and slides. You must be asking yourself “what could have possibly happened that led to this erratic fear of slip and slides?” Soccer on the East coast is an enormous spectacle. Like football in the south and basketball in Indiana, soccer in the fall is an attraction that closes towns and turns neighboring schools into blood rivals. Conditioning begins in June, but the real season doesn’t start until the third week of August when first week commences. First week of practice is the most challenging and fulfilling. Friendships that last all season, as well as team foundations, develop that first week. That first week defines your season before you complete a pass or attempt a shot. The first week is unmerciful. Three or four-hour practices, two a days; the heat makes you question your decision to play every minute of every day. That last Friday practice, however, always ends on a softer note. The team pickup game, ice bath, slip and slide, and a bonfire

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