Soccer : The Positive Influence Of Soccer As A Teacher

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When I was an elementary school student, around 11 or 12, I once went out on the school field to play soccer with my friends, leaving my math academy’s homework behind. Soon, my mom found out and when I came back, she yelled at me, “Go back to your room and stop spending your time on soccer! It is not helpful or useful in your life!” Thinking about how soccer has affected me and given me positive changes, I can confidently say back to my mom, “Soccer is useful and it is my best friend.” And this is why: Soccer is a teacher. And it is a really good teacher. It teaches you countless life lessons that even school or internet can’t teach. It teaches you how to set goals and as well as those steps to achieve that goal. It also gives you a strong, healthy self-discipline and most importantly, it helps you how to cooperate and win as a team. Soccer helps you deal with stress. Opinions regarding how people deal and relieve their stress may vary; however, there are no other better ways than just simply playing soccer. Whether it is watching or playing soccer, it will just help you relieve your stress. According to, a site that provides useful information regarding people’s health, explains that soccer stimulates your body's production of neurotransmitters or brain chemicals a.k.a endorphins that eventually relieve around 75% of your stress. Once you put on your soccer cleats and step on the fresh grass with the soccer ball next to you, you see yourself
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