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Social 30 Source Based Question
By: Josh V

Source number one is a quote taken from an unknown source and it analyses the perception of individualism by those who are uneducated. When looked at unbiased, individualism is not a negative ideology. The writer appears to be frustrated with those who do not understand this principle. This is evident by the way he or she mocks those who do not understand individualism by calling them ignorant.. They also attempt to justify the ideology using diverse interpretations such as “I will not sacrifice myself to anyone-nor sacrifice anyone to myself” and “I will not rule nor be ruled”. The speaker attempts to deconstruct the preconceived notion of individualism and replace it with one of prosperity and self-reliance.
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The source also has a slightly negative undertone towards individualism which is evident by the disapproving tone and body language of the ant who is speaking. The ant with his arms crossed appears to be scolding the other ant which demonstrates how individualism is seen in this society of ants. In the movie Antz, the worker ant named Z begins to have individualistic tendencies and thoughts. When he tries to express these views and opinions he is met with strong resistance from the other members of the colony. However, his ideas soon spread which lead to a rebellion within the colony. Z is forced leave the colony and along with him so too go his individualistic ideas, squandering the rebellion in its infancy. Much like the movie Antz, the ant in the cartoon is attempting to destroy the individualism at its source in hopes that it will prevent further spread of ideas. However it is important to note that the real dangers of individualism aren’t the rights and freedoms that are typically considered to be associated with this ideology, but more the loss of an individual from the collective as a result. If individualism were to spread throughout the colony, more and more ants would lose the urge to be a part of the collective society. The ant scolding the other believes that if he allows this individualism to occur it will spread and wreak…show more content…
In source one, the writer evaluates how one must hold regard for others rights and freedoms and respect them and source three holds the opinion that collectivism on a small scale is acceptable but on a large scale it is dangerous. Both of these sources speak about how without collectivism, individualism can not prosper. Source two is different however, in that it shows a much more collectivist opinion. Although the views may not be in line with individuality, there are still some aspects of this ideology. If in an ant colony, One individual feels like they are more important than the others it will leave for chaos. However you also can not treat individuals as though they are nothing. You must be careful not to promote enough individualism so that the ideology spreads, but also be sure to provide enough so that each individual feels important. All three sources agree with the idea that collectivism and individualism are like ying and yang: Without one you can not have the
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