Social And Cultural Groups Become A Key Tool For Harmony On The Global Stage

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Since the 1990s the steady rise of the Internet has facilitated many avenues for change in our contemporary world. Not least contributing to an ease in travel and communication which could well give the impression of a globalscape constructed . with very few boundaries. A glance at any Western World news source will undoubtedly report on the ‘problem’ of immigration, as though Europe is under siege by scores of deterritorialized people and “transmigrants” who have exploited the fluid boundaries of postmodern hyperspace. It is in this area of social conflict that the discipline of anthropology best serves as a sort of practical philosophy; examining the social queries of humanity, alongside examining our interactions and …show more content…

Borders of life and lands - Gregory

Boca Chica is municipality of the Dominican Republic, located upon the island of Hispaniola in the Gulf of Chiriquí. The history of conflict between the Dominican side of the island (influenced by Spanish colonial rule) and the Western Haitian side is long standing, dating back to the 1880’s. Upon the modern day landscape there is an imaginary line which divides Hispaniola into a land of two countries. One side of which is Haiti and the other the Dominican Republic. It is on the Dominican side where Gregory focuses his ethnography.

Through anecdotal interviews bureaucratic and social borders are described, which not only exclude and disempower the Haitian residents of the country, but which also also alienate citizens of Dominican descent due to their financial state. Dominican parents are required to register the birth of a child at office of Civil Registry so as to be issued with a birth certificate. When the child reaches the age of eighteen, this certificate can than be exchanged for an ‘adult cédula’, which is required for voting, securing formal employment and obtaining licenses and other documents. However, many parents, especially those in rural areas, may delay or neglect registering their children’s birth, through oversight, ignorance, or lack of resources to travel or to pay the required taxes (Gregory 2007:36). As such it is estimated

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