Vulnerable Population

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Vulnerable Population Paper Introduction The vulnerable population chosen for this paper is Haitian immigrants. Topics of discussion will include description of the population, significant problems related to their vulnerability, related health and social problems, an evaluation of adequant of current strategies to break the cycle of vulnerability, ethical implications of current strategies, and proposed community and public health nursing interventions in roles of manager, advocate, teacher, caregiver and researcher. Description of the Selected Population Significance of Problems Related to its Vulnerability, Local and National Statistics (if relevant) Related Health and Social Problems For centuries people have migrated to…show more content…
Personal space is not a big issue and touch (pat on the back, holding hands, kiss on the cheek or hug) is often appreciated by caregivers, family and friends. Written materials are of little use. They are visual learners and prefer to be spoken to. Interpreters outside of family and friends may be mistrusted. Evaluation of Adequacy of Current Strategies to Break the Cycle of Vulnerability, including Ethical Implications of Current Strategies It is more than evident that the U.S. is confronting a public health concern with the influx of immigrants entering the U.S. Education should top priority. There are limited community based programs and workshops available to Haitian immigrants. There are government based programs that aid in healthcare such as WIC, Healthy Start, 4 C’s, the county health departments offer vaccinations, healthcare and resources. There are Haitian American programs that aid in reformation (education, job employment and even healthcare) and generous Haitian American foundations that offer money to provide resources and services for the Haitian immigrant populations. One of the problems that impede the Haitian immigrants from benefiting from many of these benefits is that many of them are illiterate and can not read nor fill out the paperwork to receive such benefits. Another major problem that Haitian immigrants have in the U.S. is the stigma that Haitians were the ones who

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