Social And Political Theory: An Analysis

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In the reading by Reiner “A Journal of Social and Political Theory” in 2014, a quote a that summarized her whole meaning of what she calls ‘police fetishism’ referring to a popular ideology is “police are a functional prerequisite for social order so that without a police force chaos would ensue”. Communities rely on police for security and personal safety. Even sovereignty needs to ensure security, as capitalism and the wage system have relied on police power, publics also demand it and call on officers for direct threats to security and to negotiate those conflicts believed to weaken security. The majority of police activity is indeed directed toward responses to calls from citizens who request the presence of officers. Another reason I chose this quote is because without police, chaos would ensue. Who would individual call if they were being domestically abused, or to keep drugs off the streets, or guns, a murder? Most important thing…show more content…
McNulty reveals that he has noticed that D'Angelo's uncle Avon Barksdale and Stringer have been tied to many murders and tells Phelan that he believes they control West Baltimore's drug trade; McNulty complains that nobody is investigating their organization. Because no one is “investigating their organization” that neighborhood is ruled by superior gangs. Although the sovereignty ‘the judge” wanted to get in the detective way of enforcing the laws in a neighborhood that needs help, because police have power and ability to do, the focus was move into that neighborhood as they’re enforcing the laws there now. This is a great example of how vital police officers are to our communities and without them like Reiner mentioned “chaos would
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