Social And Social Consequences Of New Mexico

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In 1540, Francisco Vazquez de Coronado arrived with a large group of soldiers. He was searching for gold and never found it and claimed the land for Spain. In In 1598, New Mexico became an official colony of Spain and the first capital was San Juan de Los Caballeros. In 1680, they achieved to force the Spanish out of New Mexico for a short while but they returned. In the 1700s more native American tribes and Spanish settlers settled in New Mexico. In 1821 New Mexico became independent to Spain because it was closer to united states. In 1850 New Mexico became a U.S. territory because united states won in 1848 and gained control over New Mexico. On January 6, 1912, New Mexico was admitted the 47th state in United states.
Social and environmental consequences
New Mexico is a beautiful and interesting country that is waiting to be explored. New Mexico is a livable country for all ages because of their social consequences (low housing, great paycheck, great education) and environmental consequences (less polluted cities and less light pollution).
In new Mexico Hobbs is a city where everyone can afford to live in due to the social consequences. Social consequences such as low housing, great paycheck, great education is one of the greatest reasons for living in Mexico due to its urbanization. Hobbs is one the affordable city in Mexico with an excellent school system, tons of recreational opportunities, and great shopping and dining and with a highly affordable standard

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